HOT House Of Talent Modeling website embraces most aspects of modelling within the Australian market. Our  office is in Sydney, and the expansion program incorporates all major cities. We provide sensational start up opportunities for new models to the industry, plus we also provide guidance and support for those experienced models wishing to enhance their careers. We will make every attempt to cater for the models desires, as well as encouraging them in ways that we see as being beneficial for them. The variety of modelling agencies Sydney offers is amazing, and we help develop those goals.


HOTTI House Of Talent Torres-strait Indigenous embraces all aspects of Indigenous Australians within the modelling industry. We are proud to support our Indigenous community with the business methods and cultural philosophies that we have developed.


Model Management

  • Our Model Management is Young – Fun – Fantastic – Positive.
  • Our Models are Real People who are cultivating their amazing talents and fulfilling their dreams.
  • Our portfolios are geared to provide the potential clients with a range of variety to expand and enhance all of the greatest features of each model.
  • We regularly utilise film to enhance every possible dynamic.
  • We live and breathe modeling agency and model management.
  • Our Favourite words – Modeling, Success, Entertainment.


HOTTI talent

House of Talent encourages women of all ages, ethnicities and sizes. We realise that there is a person for every occasion. We also understand that humanity is so diverse that the typical modelling agency only reflects a portion of the real world. Therefore we encourage everyone to take a step forward with us and explore their potential. Indigenous Australia is embraced in HOTTI, an aspect of modelling for the amazingly beautiful Aboriginal models of our wonderful country!


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